mali. Ten (10) petroleum research permits in the process of being approved

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The National Petroleum Research Office (ONRP) held, this Thursday, March 30, 2023, the 3e edition of its Board of Directors. The opening ceremony of the council, at the Grand Hotel in Bamako, was chaired by Sounssourou Dembélé, secretary general of the ministry in charge of mines and energy.

From 1.5 billion FCFA in 2022 to 1.9 billion FCFA in 2023, the annual budget of the ONRP has increased by 20.43% this year. “This budget will be used to achieve specific objectives,” said Sounssourou Dembélé, at the opening of the Board of Directors. It is a question, he explained, of: revitalizing and intensifying oil and hydrogen research; ensuring good governance in the sector; and strengthen the human and material capacities of the Office.

In his speech, the Secretary General also recalled certain achievements of the previous financial year. These are, he cited: the realization of an oil exploration mission within the framework of the promotion of oil research for a month in the Kita Region in Sirakoro; participation in exhibition conferences and seminars as part of the promotion of oil research nationally and internationally; monitoring/control of oil companies, in particular HYDROMA and SIPEX.

“Mali’s oil and gas sector is being revitalized”, told the press Badra Aliou Koné, the Director General of the ONRP. For example, at the end of December 2021, Mali’s Petroleum Code was revised. According to the managing director, this gave investors confidence. “Today a dozen oil research contracts are being approved”, revealed the CEO of the ONRP. Which specifies that these are contracts carried out only by nationals. In addition to oil, Badra Aliou Koné informs that the exploitation of 98% pure hydrogen is in the making.

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