Palma – Shirtless? Forbidden! Barefoot? Forbidden! Too drunk? Forbidden! Is the Ballermann really what he used to be?

It’s full again at Playa de Palma. After the first Ballermann stars stormed the stage again in the Bierkönig, the Megapark has now reopened. Mickie Krause (51, “For you”), Lorenz Büffel (42, “Pietro Lombardi”) and Isi Glück (31, “Life is a party”) were the first main acts. And they don’t mind the new rules at all.

We meet Miss Germany from 2012 after the first days of celebration at the Megapark: “Basically, I think the new rules are good because they are things that should actually be self-evident. No one needs alarm bells going off.”

Photo: Private

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Isi Glück is one of the most popular artists at Ballermann. On the way is also the “Monchi” with his hit “I’m happy”Photo: Private

Glück continues: “The good thing about it is that the beer king and the megapark work together and coordinate together – if one group is kicked out, it won’t get in with the other either. I don’t think the average Ballermann-goer will notice the updates.”

And what does the perfect Ballermann day look like?

“Get up at 9 or 10 a.m. and have a decent breakfast first. You always need a solid foundation. And then I would spend the whole day in the Megapark! The ceiling is up – so open air – and the sun shines all day long. With beer and later with Jack Daniels Cola,” says Glück.

“And thanks to the new rules, the Ballermann is really something for everyone here on Mallorca – families can come here, football teams, handball teams, with the best friends, with the parents – I’ve also celebrated here with my parents! There is just a positive vibe here!”

But Isi also needs a few days break from partying: “I also like to sit at one of the Balenaros with a nice cocktail at sunset or watch the sunset at Playa Maioris.”

The recommended Malle packing list from Isi Glück

swimming trunks or bikini


Shirts with a good mood on them – preferably with mottos, sayings or from the club

Tempered glass phone case


NO megaphone

Jukebox with a good playlist for the beach during the day

Drinking or regular card games

Sunglasses – also to cover the hangover eyes

a small medicine chest: Elotrans and something for the stomach

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