‘Mallipoo’ video song released by V.D.K vtk hit song number mallipoo video song film crew released madhushree ar rahman

Chennai: The film team has released the video of the hit song ‘Mallipoo’ from the movie Ventu Taninatha Kadu. This song received a unanimous response from the fans. The main reason for that is the voice of playback singer Madhusree who sang the song.

This movie was released on the 15th, starring actor Silambarasan. Directed by director Gautham Vasudev Menon. AR Rahman composed the music. All the songs were written by Tamara.

One of the total 5 songs is ‘Mallipoo’. The song has a time duration of around 4.05 minutes. A song that a wife sings longingly for her husband who is separated due to work. Choreographer Brinda directed this song. When the song was released and the film was released, it got a huge response.

In this case, the film team has now released it. The song is a realistic representation of what it would be like for the employees working together in a restaurant to play together.


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