Malta first in Europe to ban entry for unvaccinated coronavirus

From July 14, travelers arriving in Malta will have to present a recognized vaccination certificate, said Vice Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fernet.

“We will be the first country in Europe to take this step,” the Minister quoted the Times of Malta as saying. At the same time, children accompanied by vaccinated adults will have to present a negative PCR test; unaccompanied children will not be allowed into the country.

In addition, unvaccinated residents of Malta will not be able to travel abroad. They will need to obtain permission from the health department to enter or leave the country. And upon returning, go through quarantine.

“The rules are the same as for the countries of the red zone. People without a vaccination certificate cannot travel there without permission, for whatever reason, ”the Deputy Prime Minister said.

On May 25, Russia resumed flights with Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Iceland.



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