Mammootty surprised Asif Ali by gifting him a Rolex watch

Mammootty gifted a Rolex watch to actor Asif Ali on the success of Roshaak movie. Mammootty’s prize announcement, which shocked Asif Ali, took place during the film’s success event. Mammootty hinted about the gift by saying that Kamal Haasan had bought Suriya a Rolex watch when the Tamil film ‘Vikram’ was a huge hit.

Saw the news that Kamal Haasan gave a Rolex watch to Suriya. The film collected 500 crores. From that, he gave ten or fifteen lakhs and gave him a watch. Did you hear what I said? That watch will cost a fortune. Asif asked me if he would buy me a Rolex watch? Rolex.”- After Mammootty said this dialogue, Rolex watch came to the stage immediately. It was unexpected for Asif Ali. Asif Ali was leaving the stage only expressing his happiness when the presenter requested him to ‘say something’.

Actor Dulquer Salmaan’s presence at the Roshaq victory venue was also very noticeable. Mammootty had earlier praised Asifali’s performance in Roshak. Asif Ali’s character with a negative shade appeared in the film with his face hidden. For an actor, his face is more important than his body. The person who is ready to act by hiding that face should be respected more than those who act with a face. Mammootty praised Asif Ali and said that he should give him another round of applause.

“The eye is the most expressive organ of man. Asif Ali’s eyes have acted in this movie, watch carefully. People realized that Asif is in this film through his eyes. That much the actor has acted in this movie with his eyes. If we all had other organs to express our feelings, Asif only had eyes,” added Mammootty.

Mammootty played the role of Luke Antony in Roshak directed by Nizam Basheer. The film is full of mystery from start to finish. The characters go through a very complicated situation. Roshak saw a new Mammootty as Luke Anthony, who is full of fear and strangeness. Bindu Panicker has shown fear-inducing acting in the audience. Bindu Panicker’s dialogue and acting in the combination scene with Jagadish was highly appreciated. Gracia Antony also excelled in the intense emotional scenes with Mammootty. Sanju Sivaram, Jagadish, Sharafuddin, Mani Shornoor and Kottayam Naseer have played characters that have never been done before. Riaz, Sreeja Ravi, Keerikatan Jose, Geethi Sangeeta, Jilu Joseph, Jordi Poonjar and Seenath played the other characters.


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