Mammootty Tom Cruise age and latest look

Foreigners have also commented below the picture praising the ‘ageless Mammootty’s look’

Malayalees describe Mammootty as an actor whose age is in reverse gear. Even when the signs of age are visible in those who studied with him and those who came to the cinema, this megastar continues to amaze the Malayalees by keeping them young and radiant through his lifestyle without leaving the scars of age on his mind and body. The ‘ageless Mammootty look’ always excites fans.

Now, Mammootty’s age is once again a topic of discussion on social media. Mammooka is also being discussed under a post about American actor Tom Cruise’s age on the Facebook page Cinema in Memes.

Malayalees are commenting ‘Mammootty, Indian actor at the age of 71’ by sharing the picture of Mammootty under the caption Tom Cruise at the age of 60.

Age 70+, Just Mallu Things, commented another Malayali. Some of the foreigners who saw the film said So handsome, Damn 71! It has been commented.


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