Man chases away polar bears with just a stick, video goes viral

What would be your reaction if an animal suddenly came to attack you? Doesn’t anyone flinch? However, a video that went viral on social media yesterday is surprising the netizens. Because this is a video of a man alone facing two polar bears that come to attack him. Social media users are showering the man with congratulations for bravely facing the unexpected attack.

Although beautiful to look at, polar bears are not so mean. Polar bears can easily knock down a six-foot man. Their enormous body size is their strength. Therefore, it is not so easy to stand against polar bears. The video also shows a man trying to chase away two polar bears that came at him with just a stick.

He is standing next to his residence on a snow covered mountain. Nearby, two small pieces of wood can be seen lying among the snow. Just then a polar bear comes towards him. When he saw the bear, he did not retreat in fear, lay down nearby and took a stick and waved at it. By the time it moves back a little, the next bear arrives. He tries to drive away the bears by swinging his stick quickly.

Man fights off 2 polar bears
by u/Games_sans_frontiers in nextfuckinglevel

But the bears weren’t ready to back down so quickly either. One of them came to attack him again and quickly picked up another piece of wood lying nearby and chased it away. Again the bears try to resist for a while, but finally he wins. This video was taken from the snowy mountains of northern Quebec, Canada.

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Social media users have heaped praise on the man’s resistance. This video has been viewed by lakhs of people and is now viral on social media.

Last Updated Apr 1, 2023, 3:52 PM IST


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