Management tour of the southern area of ​​the Haralbad

During the tour, the chairman and CEO of Haralbad took part in a road safety conference in the Bedouin society, participated in the activity of Haralbad’s mobile training center at the elementary school in the settlement of Abu Talul in Neve Mebard Regional Council, held a tour together with the mayor of Rahat at the construction site of a center The new training in the city, and held a meeting with volunteers from the Bedouin society, who work to promote awareness and education with the youth and the young drivers.

The Bedouin society is an important part of the road users on the southern roads, and it suffers from a high injury rate compared to the rest of the population. The Haralbad operates in cooperation with the security headquarters of the authorities in the south, and operates education and information projects to reduce harm to the Bedouin society in general and in the southern region in particular.


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