Manchester City, PSG Teams qualify for the ‘Knock-Out’ Round

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Manchester City and PSG in the Champions League football match. Teams qualify for the ‘Knock-Out’ Round.

Record: November 26, 2021 01:14


The European Champions League football tournament for club teams takes place in various countries. The 32 participating teams are divided into 8 divisions and compete in the league. The teams that finish in the top 2 in each division at the end of the league round advance to the ‘knock-out’ round.

Manchester City (England) – Paris Saint-Germain (Germany) clashed in a Group A league match in Manchester last night. Manchester City beat Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) 2-1 in a thrilling match.

With one more league game remaining, Manchester City are 12 points clear at PSG. The team finished in the top 2 with 8 points respectively and advanced to the ‘knock-out’ round.

Similarly, Real Madrid (Spain) beat Sheriff Traspole (Moldova) 3-0 in a Group D match. In another match in the same division, Inter Milan (Italy) defeated Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) 2-0.

With one more league game remaining in the division, Real Madrid (12 points) and Inter Milan (10 points) qualified for the knock-out round by securing the top 2 spots.

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