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I am Manish Kurup, Director, Cucumber Town. (Manju Warrier is not a Saubin film) He has been working in the field of cinema for 12 years, mainly in film editing, and was once the editor of all hit Tamil films. Lenin (Captain, Indian, Catalan) was in Chennai as Sir’s Assistant. He started making a film in 2017 and joined the South Indian Producers’ Council in Chennai and registered there under the name Vellarikkappattanam.

With the exception of the climax, the film was completed in February 2020 by the Government of Kerala’s Chitrajanjali package with 4,5 schedules, depending on the financial situation at hand. While waiting for the time of the beloved Minister Shailaja Teacher, the beloved Manju Warrier and Saubika named the poster of the new film as Vellarikkapattanam. I have been trying to say it ever since but they did not introduce it.

4 months ago I took the climax of the movie My Cucumber and stopped shooting. So it was during the post-production work that the poster of the film appeared again with the advertisement that it was looking for people to act. (I do not know if it was auditioned or just posted to bring back the film. Tell me if there are any participants). Anyway, this time the director of the film called Manju Chechi and said that his name could not be changed as it was an internationally known film.

When I was told to change, I was told that the title VFX was a song and the trailer would be released after the release of the film, so he asked me to give them an NOC certificate to release it under this name, and I asked them to give it to me anyway. . It only caught on when they told me they weren’t ready for that either, that I would go to court and block it when I was planning a release. Anyway, the conversation ended without a mutual understanding.

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In reply to me, the director of Manju Warrier film, Sri Mahesh Vettiar, left a post. In it he says that the highest center of Malayalam cinema is the Film Chamber operating in Kerala, that he was registered in 2019 and that he was the one who made me ignorant. It also says that he quit his job for the film 6 years ago. Let me tell Mahesh Vettiar Chettan that I made my own film when Chettan quit his job for film 6 years ago. (After she came; at the age of 24 I went down on my own and distributed and pasted posters in 28 theaters.) I never went to work other than film.

This film was made in the same organization in which I registered to produce Malayalam cinema at that time. So, let’s tell the story of Chettan’s Union Minister position in Malayalam cinema. There are more people than that. If not there are courts here. It is a crime for you to go to the movies without realizing it. The movie and the title have nothing to do with size or youth. Then our problem is whose title is in the movie? The date is written as 13th of this month in the chamber letter registered and posted under the title of Chettan movie.

What about all the old papers? Along with it are two letters from Prem Nasir Sir’s old Vellarikapattanam film director Thomas Burley Sir, one to the Chamber and the other to the South Indian Council, Chennai. Isn’t Kerala the center of Malayalam cinema? Then why not write the date on those two letterheads? Then he scanned two letterheads, one white and the other, and gave him a letter in sandalwood.

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Photoshop with people who work sincerely while doing a job. Didn’t anyone tell you that the names of the movies do not need permission to use if they are not renewed after more than 20 years? I’m not putting up priceless papers. And when Chettan went home after work and slept soundly, I remember pasting the poster of my movie … Manish wrote on Facebook.

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