Joris Lissens, member of The Vendettas, attacks: “It looks like ours You want it, you’ve got it”


There is no peace for the Maneskin: from Holland come accusations of plagiarism for “Zitti e buona”, the winning song at Eurovision. The accusations are launched by Joris Lissens, a member of The Vendettas, according to whom the attack would recall their “You want it, you’ve got it”. The Vendettas track is from 1994: “They weren’t born in our band’s time, but rock and roll never dies,” Lissens said. The question is whether this is plagiarism, ”he concluded. His words, released to a Dutch broadcaster, were widely taken up in France. The Maneskins are therefore still under attack after Damiano’s false accusations of cocaine use on live TV. For musical compositions there is no general rule according to which a number of equal bars configures plagiarism. The jurisprudence in Italy has affirmed that the partial assonance between two compositions, casual and limited, excludes the possibility of plagiarism.

June 5, 2021 – Updated June 5, 2021, 10:12 PM



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