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Jayaram’s Arwarkadiyan Nambi is the most talked about character after the release of Ponniyin Selvan. From the beginning to the end of the film, he is present in many places. When Jairam comes on screen, the audience laughs more and becomes more engaging. Along with the names of Karthi, Aishwarya Rai, Trisha and Vikram, critics also mentioned Jayaram.

Apart from Jayaram, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Lal, Rahman, Babu Antony and Riyaz Khan are also coming to Ponniyin Selvan as Malayalam presences. Apart from mere presence, all of them have come to the film as main characters.

Malayali actors are a staple in Mani Ratnam films. In all his successful films, the characters played by Malayalees have been brilliant. We can see this from the very first film. Mani Ratnam directed his first film in Kannada and made his second film in Malayalam. Mohanlal was the hero in the 1984 film Unaru. It was in 1985 that Mani Ratnam directed his third and first film in Tamil, Daylight Nilav. Revathi was the heroine in the film.

Mani Ratnam gained a lot of attention as a director with Mauna Raga released in 1986. Mani Ratnam chose Revathi as the female lead in Mauna Raag, which tops his list of best films.

After this, the film directed by Mani Ratnam was a crucial hero in his career and Kamal Haasan’s career. Even today, our Karthika was among the heroes who are considered textbooks of Indian cinema.

Baby Shyamili played the titular character of Anjali in Anjali released in 1989. This film also has Revathi as a lead character. Baby Shyamili won state and national awards for Best Child Artist for her performance in Anjali.

Dalapati came out in 1991. Rajinikanth and Mammootty in the lead roles, Shobhana and Geeta were the heroines in the film. Devaraj in Dalapati was to confirm the stardom of Mammootty, who was already known as a big star in Tamil Nadu through New Delhi and CBI.

Iruvar Mani Ratnam was directed by Mohanlal in 97. Anandan in Iruvar is one of the best roles of Mohanlal’s career.

In 2000, Mani Ratnam made a Malayali actress as the heroine. Shalini Mani Ratnam of Alaipayute is a fan favorite heroine in films. The Shalini-Madhavan pair in the film became waves in South India itself. Karthik’s proposal to Shakti is still used as a reference in films today.

In 2004, Mani’s Audhusham Ezhutham, starring Madhavan, Suriya and Siddharth, had Meera Jasmine as a strong character. In 2010, Vikram starrer Ravana was released. In the film, Prithviraj’s Dev Prakash shined as the hero in the beginning and the villain in the end.

In 2015 Mani Ratnam directed O.K. In Kanmani, the hero and heroine were Malayalees. Dulquer and Nithya Menon’s film, which gained the attention of the entire South India, has a good fanbase even today.

All the Malayalees who come to Mani Ratnam film get one of the best roles of their career. Something important was said. Comment on the characters you liked or left out.

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