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Singer Manizha Sangin, who on Saturday, May 22, will represent Russia in the Eurovision final with the song “Russian Woman”, spoke on the TikTok video service about Russian women singing on a large interactive screen during her performance.

“If you have a question, why can I sing about Russian women and whether I am the voice of Russian women. I decided to invite more than a hundred Russian women to the stage, they will go to Eurovision with me. They will appear on these screens, they will sing the way they want, they will look the way they want and do what they want. I really want to show their freedom, “said Manizha.

The singer also presented a project on her Instagram with all the participants in this show. Each of the women gives her own understanding of the concept of “Russian woman”. “Whoever says that my grandmother, Sofya Samuilovna Sverdlina-Rapoport, who survived the blockade, an orphanage, state anti-Semitism, is not a Russian woman, that cruel and ignorant person. home is here, and I love everything around me. We, Russian women, so different, have one thing in common – we want to be heard and we will be heard, “says feminist Bella Rapoport. “A Russian woman is strength, courage and freedom,” says Alla Gutnikova, one of the editors of the student magazine Doxa, who is now being accused in the case of involving teenagers in protests.

In addition, Manizha was supported in her issue by Novaya Gazeta journalist Elena Kostyuchenko, founder of the Vera hospice fund Nyuta Federmesser, actresses Chulpan Khamatova and Alexandra Bortich, artist Sasha Frolova, trans-activist Maya Demidova, singer Tatyana Bulanova and many others.

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