Manjok K Jayan Opens Up About Funny Moment In Mallu Singh Movie Location | Biju Menon smoked by Punjabis; Actor Manoj K Jayan talks about Mallu Singh’s experience


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Mallu Singh is a comedy film starring Biju Menon and Manoj K Jayan. The film stars Unni Mukundan and Kunchacko Boban in the lead roles. Mallu Singh’s film was mostly shot in Punjab as it tells the story of Punjab. Manoj says that there were some interesting incidents during the shooting of the film.

Punjabis are healthy people. Mallu Singh’s film is being shot in a place called Patiala, which is inhabited by green Punjabis. We do not know what your system looks like. The shooting took place in a field. Vaishakh is sitting with his camera ready to shoot when the smoke comes from the field in the early morning.


Biju Menon is smoking a cigarette in the field. It was then that all the Sikhs came together. Then he called ten or fifteen Teri in Hindi. He told me to take the camera and other things. Everything was spoken in Hindi so I did not understand.

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When asked why, he pointed out that he was smoking a cigarette in the field. Agriculture is God to them. No spitting, thorns or smoking in the field. After hearing all this, Biju Menon went crazy. Really scared and gone. Because their arrival was like that. Thought it would hit now.


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They say there is no shooting and they have to take everything away. Then he told them for an hour and a half and calmed them down. The scene that Biju Menon and I are going to take after that is the thorn in the side of the field. Wouldn’t it be even more problematic if you see it anywhere.

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Eventually he told them the same thing. The next scene is like this. Acting as if urinating. He said he would not do so. Manoj K Jayan, who was speaking at the Flowers One crore event, said that they have been waiting for it to be taken away.

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Manjok K Jayan Opens Up About Funny Moment In Mallu Singh Movie Location

Story first published: Sunday, June 26, 2022, 20:29 [IST]


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