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HThe movie ‘Jack N Jill’ directed by Santosh Sivan and starring Manju Warrier has been released. The film received a good response. The Kim Kim song from the film, which was released last year, was very viral. Many people, including movie stars, followed in the footsteps of the song. Social media was celebrating until the Kim Kim Challenge. Manju Warrier’s video of Kim Kim dancing with children is going viral.

Manju danced with the children at the event which was part of the promotion of ‘Jack and Jill’. In the video, you can see Manju dancing beautifully in the middle of a lot of children. The actress also shared the video.

The cast includes Saubin Shahir, Nedumudi Venu, Indrans, Basil Joseph, Kalidas Jayaram, Aju Varghese, Sethulakshmi, Shaily Kishan and Esther Anil. The film is being distributed by Joy Movie Productions. The hint from the recently released trailer is that Jack and Jill are sure to be an interesting film. The film is also being made in Tamil under the title Centimeter.

Screenplay: Santosh Sivan, Ajil SM, Suresh Ravindran, Dialogue: Vijeesh Thottingal, Production Executive: Rajesh Menon, Vinod Kalady, Noble Ettumanoor, Assistant Directors: Jayaram Ramachandran, Siddharth S Rajeev, Mahesh Iyer, Amit Mohan Rajeshwari, Associate, Director: Kuku Surendran, Production Controller: Alex E Kurian, Art Director: Ajayan Chalissery, Editor: Ranjith Touch River, VFX Director & Creative Head: Faisal, Sound Design: Vishnu PC, Arun S Mani, (Oli Sound Lab), Stills: Bijith Dharmadam, Designs: Anthony Stephen, Costume: Sameera Saneesh, Makeup: Rony Vellathooval, Distribution Head: Pradeep Menon, Digital Marketing: Anoop Sundaran, PRO: Vazhoor Jose, AS Dinesh, Athira Diljith.

Lal Sar called to act in ‘Barosi’, but ..: Santosh Sivan

PraySanthosh Sivan is an artist who has given the audience a unique visual experience. He excelled as a cinematographer and director and also proved himself to be an actor. Santosh Sivan wore the actor’s robe in Makaramanjil directed by Lenin Rajendran. Santosh Sivan says that he was offered to act in several films after Makaraman but did not go.

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‘I’ll do some painting. Lenin Rajendran knew that. Then he wanted to do a film like this. I have no great experience in acting. I did a kids movie. It’s just the experience of acting them out. I knew a little bit about it. So I acted in that movie. Then my grandmother taught in Paris. When I was young, I used to bring pictures of Raja Ravi Verma and tell stories and give visual education. Then Raja Ravi Verma is not an alien. Many of the lighting patterns in Perunthachan are taken from Raja Ravi Verma’s painting. That’s why I acted in that movie. After that a lot of people called to act but I didn’t go. Lal Sar had said that he wanted to act in Burrows too. I do not know. Anna told me that there is no hero in this and then I will act, ‘says Santosh Sivan.

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