Manolo Jiménez is the new Governor of Coahuila: De las Heras

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2023-06-05 02:50:42

the pollster De Las Heras-Demotechnics places the candidate Manolo Jiménez as the virtual winner of the election in Coahuila.

After the polls closed, the pollster issued preliminary data that places the candidate of the PRI-PAN-PRD alliance with 55 points. A wide advantage over the Morena candidate, Armando Guadiana, who is placed with 22 points.

Third, it is Ricardo Mejía Berdeja of the Labor Party with 12 points and in fourth place Evaristo Lenin Perez Rivera from Unidad Democrática de Coahuila with 6 points.

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This is the first pollster to release results. Unlike the state of Mexico, in Coahuila no candidate has been declared the winner. At the cutoff of 18:40 hours.

According to information from Electoral Institute of Coahuila the nominal list is made up of 2 million 355 thousand 25 people.

To receive the vote, 4 thousand 47 polling stations were installed throughout the state operated by 171 thousand citizens.

In addition, there were 2,804 electoral observers, including nationals and from 10 countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

The citizen partition goal is to exceed the 62% registered in the last gubernatorial election, This was stated by the President Counselor of the Electoral Institute of Coahuila, Rodrigo Paredes.

From VANGUARDIA you can follow the results of the PREP in real time by clicking here


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