Manresa opens with a loss at home against a solid Tenerife

  • Pedro Martínez’s team did not find solutions and was always in tow of the canaries, who did not suffer Shermadini’s loss (70-89)

The Lenovo Tenerife achieved this Thursday the first victory of the season in the Endesa League against Baxi Manresa (70-89) in a game that the Canaries dominated from start to finish thanks to their success and showed a solid game on both sides of the field.

In the first six minutes, Tenerife only scored from three points (5/7 in triples). The Manresa team entered the game little by little (10-15 min 6). The Canaries kept the income always above five points in the whole room and they were dominating the scoreboard thanks to a greater success.

Baxi Manresa increased their defensive intensity in the second quarter, but could not have continuity in attack. After a more hesitant start, the visitors returned to the path of success to increase the difference (23-34 min 16). The locals they couldn’t find the rhythm in attack and Tenerife controlled the advantage until the break (29-43).

local impotence

The Canarian team came out determined to break with the game and started as well as in the first quarter. He quickly stretched the difference against a Manresa powerless before the yellow rhythm (37-57, m. 26). The people from Manresa threatened to improve in the final stretch of the third quarter, but the Canarians’ attack was very effective and they were not surprised.

The Catalan team tried to row, but the distance was very long. In the last quarter, the exchange of baskets served the visitors to preserve a comfortable advantage and take the first win of the season at the Nou Congost.


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70 – Baxi Manresa (15+14+21+20): Harding (17), Badio (7), Valtonen (1), Hamilton (2), Lee (12) -starting five– Dani Pérez (2), Dani Garcia (-), Bortolani (7), Vaulet (10), Sagnia (2) and Steinbergs (10)

89 – Lenovo Tenerife (22+21+22+24): Huertas (8), Salin (12), Cook (12), Doornekamp (9), Guerra (5)-initial five– Fitipaldo (15) Jaime Fernández (9), Sastre ( -), Abromaitis (11), Cruz (2) and Diagne (6)


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