Manu Vallejo, the hero of Malaga: “This start reminds me of Cádiz, where I was happy: I want to find myself again”

Manu Vallejo, the hero of Malaga: “This start reminds me of Cádiz, where I was happy: I want to find myself again”

If the victory left a trace of satisfaction in the blue expedition, this was special for a footballer. Manu Vallejo ended up in Oviedo in the last winter market to feel important again. In his first start as a blue player, he showed how hungry he is. He gave a couple of assists that almost ended in prize money and scored the winning goal that makes it possible to forget the disappointment of last week. A premiere in the complete eleven. “I hardly even remember when my last goal was. I am very happy with everything. For the team, for the fans, for the goal prize… It wasn’t easy to get the game ahead”, explains Vallejo.

The forward assures that “I had not participated for a long time and this takes a process. At the beginning of the game it was difficult for me but I was lucky that the one I had was able to put it in and that leaves me satisfied”. When he scored, Vallejo explained what went through his head: “I thought about my family, my girlfriend, those around me. He had been having a hard time for a long time, with a lot of work in the shadows and few results. I was lucky that he dropped one on me and it went inside ”.

Cervera’s confidence seems full in his conditions. The coach assured after the game that, for him, Vallejo is a center forward, but that he adapts it to the needs of the team. And he adapts to what Oviedo needs: “The coach knows me very well, he analyzes the rivals and based on that analysis he places me on the left or more centered. He gets me performance where he thinks I can do better.

They have been days of strong emotions for the man from Cádiz, who took the step of leaving Girona, with little prominence, to embark on the blue project. Little more than a week later, he is grateful for the decision made. “These days have reminded me a bit of the beginnings in Cádiz, where everything went very well, where I was very happy and that is exactly what I am looking for in Oviedo, to find myself again. There is no better weekend than this”, he indicates .


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