Manufacture of auto components and aircraft fuselages under threat

As early as 2022, global automakers may face a new threat after a shortage of semiconductor microcircuits – a shortage of magnesium-aluminum alloys. The reason is the deficit of magnesium, which was provoked by a drop in its production in China against the backdrop of attempts by the country’s authorities to reduce energy consumption. The Financial Times (FT) writes about this on October 19 with reference to the BofA Securities report. The threat of magnesium deficiency is openly confirmed by the representatives of the metallurgical industry in their statements.

“The lack of magnesium can provoke a shortage of magnesium-aluminum alloys, which, in turn, can also affect the production of cars,” – FT quoted a report from analysts at BofA Securities. Magnesium in such alloys makes products more durable and lightweight. “Magnesium is used in many alloyed metal alloys that are necessary for the production of various auto components,” says Sergey Udalov, director of the Autostat agency.



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