Many harmful drugs are best sellers

Many harmful drugs are best sellers

2023-05-31 18:22:32

I told you a few days ago that the Nolotil beats all sales records in Spain being one of the most dangerous drugs, withdrawn in dozens of countries. Well, he is not the only one on the list with these conditions. Paracetamol e ibuprofen They are two of the most popular drugs, we use them for “almost everything” (often off-label).

And what about its use for Covid-19? The guidelines recommend as a first alternative the use of paracetamol for fever treatment. However, paracetamol activates the Inflammation-inducing proteins in coronaviruses, unlike ibuprofen for example. and is the second best selling drug

And there was a great controversy in France with serious consequences for people with hypothyroidism who take the medicine Levothyrox (Eutirox in Spain). manufacturer laboratory, Merckwithout noticing it (and with the consent of the health authorities) changed its composition making it stronger and this caused serious consequences.

Is another one best seller In our country.

It is also among the best sellers lorazepanthe famous Orphidal. It belongs to the group of benzodiazepines, widely used as tranquilizers in this nervous society, and to sleep. Are drugs that can cause dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

then it goes Ventolin, so popular, and usually effective. But… one of the adverse reactions best known of salbutamolits active principle, are cardiac disorders:

They withdraw batches of Ventolin contaminated with another drug that can enhance its damage

Closes the classification of the ten best sellers in Spain for analgesics Soldier. your list of side effects is longalmost as much as the path that the victims of the Thalidomidemanufactured by the same Zaldiar products, Gruenenthal:

Doctors asking not to prescribe Grünenthal drugs after thalidomide injustice

If you suffer or know of a similar case, you can contact the Buffet Almodóvar & Jara

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