Maradona’s iconic shirt will be offered for sale: the estimated value – $ 5 million

The shirt worn by Argentine football star Diego Armando Maradona while scoring two of his most famous goals will be offered for sale. Its estimated value is $ 5 million, according to a report on the Baron’s website.

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This is the Argentina national team shirt, which Maradona wore at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico during the quarter-final match against England (1-2 to Argentina) when he scored the “Hand of God” goal, and the goal that won the title of “Goal of the Century”. It will be offered at an online auction organized by Sotheby’s, where bids can be submitted between April 20 and May 4. The shirt will be shown to the public at Sotheby’s in London.

Former England international Steve Hodge has held the shirt for the past 35 years. The two players exchanged shirts after the World Cup in Mexico. In that game, as mentioned, Maradona scored with his own hand the controversial goal, which he later described as “a little with Maradona’s head, and a little with the help of God’s hand.” He also scored the goal that won the title of “Gate of the Century” according to a ranking conducted by FIFA in 2002.

The same match between England and Argentina was also important outside the world of football, as it took place only four years after the Falklands War in which the two countries fought.

In the past year the shirt has been on public display at the National Museum of Football in Manchester. “The shirt has a deep cultural significance to the world of football, to the citizens of Argentina, to the citizens of England, and I am sure the new owner will feel great pride in owning the most iconic shirt in football,” Hodge said.


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