Maraio, ‘5 socialist campaigns to build next alliances’ – Libero Quotidiano

Maraio, ‘5 socialist campaigns to build next alliances’ – Libero Quotidiano

2023-09-24 15:53:00

Rome, 24 September. ( – “From the Avanti party we will launch five socialist campaigns with which we will be present in the country, we will tour Italy measuring ourselves on these proposals, and on these we will build the next alliances. We will be with those who want to accompany us in these challenges.” Thus Enzo Maraio, national secretary of the PSI at the end of the three days in Bologna.

“They are the synthesis – underlined Maraio – of the Bologna discussion and of a long work that started with our programmatic conference, with the thematic tables and then again with the States General of Rome. A new challenge begins for us”

“The first campaign – he explained – will be on work. At the center of our idea are young people and so we imagine building measures for those under 30 in the first years of entering the world of work. The wages of our children are below the European average, so it is impossible to invest in the future and plan to build a family. It is time to insist on tax relief for businesses but above all to completely exempt taxation for those under thirty years of age, be they employees, self-employed workers or freelancers. For schools – he continued – we will launch a campaign to encourage the awarding of scholarships in all the Regions. We travel with too many different modes, some guarantee good assistance, others are at a standstill. We will then launch a major plan for the recovery of public buildings in each city. With Pnrr funds it is possible to convert former schools, barracks or abandoned hospitals, places abandoned to neglect, all of which must be transformed into student residences, into accommodation for off-site students”.

“Another battle will be that on healthcare. We will oppose with every means the idea, which this majority cherishes, of privatizing healthcare. The attempts are worrying. With the slogan ‘No to spa healthcare’ we will launch a campaign to oppose all those rules which, in fact, have opened and continue to open up the logic of profits to the detriment of healthcare services for all”. For the socialists, the issue of the environment will be central. “We will launch initiatives to extend the benefits of the Marebonus and the Ferrobonus. We must encourage logistics that respect the environment, reduce emissions and costs for companies. It is possible to do this by involving and listening to the country’s major players.”

Maraio relaunched the theme of reforms and the return to politics. “The centre-left – he said – must be able to build a synthesis on the idea of ​​reforms, we cannot travel in no particular order. As far as we are concerned, and this can be a starting point, we can start again from preferences. Encouraged by the approval received from the Democratic Party, with De Maria, and from Action, with Lombardo, at our party, we will launch a campaign for the return to preferences. As far as we are concerned, this battle must be joined by the battle to overcome the thresholds which are a limit to democracy and free participation.”

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