Marakkar Arabikkadalinte simham climax scene leaked in social media and youtube | Marakkar Arabikkadalinte Simham | The climax scene of Marakkar was leaked on YouTube

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Cochin : In the alliance of Mohanlal Priyadarshan (Mohanlal Priyadarshan Combo) Ready woodcarving Lion of the Arabian Sea (Marakkar Arabikkadalinte Simham) Various parts of the film were leaked. Various scenes, including the climax scenes of the film, which was released today, December 2, have been leaked on social media.

The climax scene was spread on YouTube. The video was later removed from the channel. According to reports, the scenes of the film have been leaked on the Tamil MV website. There have also been telegrams and other scenes from the film.

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The video was shot on a mobile phone inside the theater. Intro scenes of the main characters have also been leaked on the internet.

The manufacturers have stated that they will take legal action against the counterfeiters. Also, Mohanlal fans allege that the film is undergoing extensive degradation.

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Actor Mohanlal and his family came to see the movie which started showing in theaters from midnight.

Mohanlal came to see the movie at 12.30 am at the theater in Kochi. Marakkar Arabian Sea Lion is the biggest big budget movie in Malayalam. Mohanlal’s response was that Marakkar should be a positive change for the film.

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The film will be screened in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu on 4100 screens worldwide. The film had 16,000 screenings on its release day alone.

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