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‘Marakkar’ will be released in 3300 screens. The contracts signed with the theater show that it will do business worth around Rs 50 crore on the day of its release. This is the biggest sale in the history of Malayalam cinema.

Marakkar will be displayed on 600 screens in Kerala. Elsewhere in India, on 1200 screens. The film is also being released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. The contract has been signed outside the country till yesterday on 1500 screens. It may have been up to 1800. It will be released on a total of 3300 screens. Foreign contracts can be completed only after the 30th. May be shown in up to 1800 theaters abroad.

There are 6 shows in most theaters in Kerala. Seven in some places. The show starts at 12 at night. The same is true of screens in Dubai. The first day will have at least 12,700 shows on 3300 screens. Even considering the four shows, more than 25 lakh people will watch the film on the first day. The average revenue from a single ticket is estimated at Rs. This is an income that takes into account the high exchange rates abroad. The revenue from this is expected to be around `50 crore on the first day.

One of the main characters in the story is a Chinese related character. Due to this, the film has a large market in areas of Chinese descent. The remake of Drishyam was one of the top 5 films in China’s collection before Kovid. The film had a gross of Rs 1300 crore. At that time, Mohanlal had attracted a lot of media attention. This will benefit the woodcarver.


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