March 8, the commissioner Zambuto: “Pink quotas for street and square names”

twelve o’clock, March 8, 2021 – 11:10

The proposal of the head of local autonomies in the Musumeci junta: a way to bring to the attention of young people the women who have contributed to the growth of the country

Dedicating the streets and squares of the municipalities of Sicily to female characters, given that in the regional territory it is not a widespread phenomenon. This is the hope of the regional councilor for local autonomies, Marco Zambuto, who just today, 8 March, sent a note to this effect to all the mayors, the extraordinary commissioners, the presidents of the councils and the councilors of the municipalities of the island. “This situation – writes the representative of the Musumeci government – determines an imbalance, now inexcusable, considering the high number of women who have distinguished themselves in their lives for their social, cultural, scientific and political commitment”. This is why “despite the constitutionally recognized autonomy of these bodies – continues the commissioner – it would be desirable that the toponymy regulations were modified in the sense of providing for a mandatory pink quota for female characters of particular importance”. Zambuto’s goal is to «bring to the knowledge of the new generations, and not only, of the women who have contributed to the growth of our nation and who have carried forward, with perseverance and tenacity, important goals for the entire community. The level of civilization of a society – he concludes – is also measured by the consideration, respect and attention that one has towards the female universe.

March 8, 2021 | 11:10

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