Marco De Veglia who died of Covid in Miami, who is the no vax manager who refused the injection –

Marco De Veglia, marketing expert, died in Miami. He was convinced that the vaccine was unnecessary and that the masks were useless

He was convinced that Covid was a flu that can be treated at home, that the vaccine was not necessary, that measures such as masks were useless. For this the death from coronavirus of Marco De Veglia, 55, a well-known marketing expert in his field, made headlines. died in Miami where he had been admitted to intensive care when his condition worsened after contracting the virus a couple of weeks ago.

De Veglia and the choice not to get vaccinated

To give the news his friend Stefano Versace, an ice cream entrepreneur in Florida, who had not shared his no vax positions but who now warns not to draw hasty conclusions: easy to point the finger at a man who has chosen not to get vaccinated and then dies of Covid. It is more difficult to ask how it can happen that an intelligent person, an excellent professional, ends up becoming the victim of a continuous flow of fake news that invites him not to protect his health.

Memories on social media

De Veglia, from Trieste, married and father of a boy, in 2009 he moved to New York following mainly Italian companies and becoming a point of reference in the brand positioning and in the creation and enhancement of brands. Consultant for multinationals and startups, he had created Easy Brands and held courses to help companies be recognizable in the market. Also author of a manual (Zero competitors) aimed at entrepreneurs, in recent months had taken openly no vax positions through social media. He shared judgments of this tenor: In the pandemic narrative we struggle to find even 1% of the truth, there is a contradiction after the other to echo a funny and suffocating propaganda. And again: If you die of Covid heart attack, if you die of heart attack vaccine. On social media there are many messages from those who had known him, especially remembering the many projects in which he was involved.

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