Marco Franzoni & Manuele Zamboni, tribute to Jannacci: the preview video (with cameo by Omar Pedrini)

The duo of Brescia singer-songwriters perform “Vincenzina and the factory” by Enzo Jannacci and the rocker debuts as publisher | Courier TV

The Brescian duo of songwriters Marco Franzoni and Manuele Zamboni pay homage to Enzo Jannacci with «Vincenzina and the factory». In the video there is also Omar Pedrini who makes his debut as their publisher and says of the two artists: “A record that has kidnapped me, in the night listening in the studio with Marco for his” poetics of disenchantment “, born of extraordinary musicians in a countryside -Industrial suburb of Brescia that can be glimpsed in the video of “Vincenzina” and which therefore also has something of my Milan but with the soul projected towards America and Mexico but remaining with the feet firmly planted at the bar of the hometown ». According to Padrini, the work of the two songwriters is «a record made and unmade by real musicians so as not to die here without leaving at least a sound track».



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