Marco Reus vs. Marco Rose: Borussia Dortmund with chain conflict

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Ahe would not have hurt them enough with his goal, Yussuf Poulsen gave the Borussia Dortmund players a few poisonous words on their way home. “I’ve never seen a game in Dortmund in which they made so many mistakes in the build-up,” said Poulsen after making a significant contribution to RB Leipzig’s 2-1 win against BVB. What he did not say resonated subliminally in the message, but very loudly: It had never been so easy against this now weak opponent. The Danish international may well be consulted as an expert for such an assessment. With Leipzig he had recently been regularly involved in exciting duels with BVB. At the most recent meeting, Dortmund were still clearly ahead with 4-1 goals, that was at the final of the DFB Cup.

According to the generally accepted view, according to which FC Bayern is to be regarded as the undisputed king of German football, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund have argued most violently over the succession in recent years. Not only athletically, but also in the favor of potential entrants, the two contenders fought a duel on equal terms. Sometimes with the happier end for BVB, sometimes with the better outcome for Leipzig. The meeting on Saturday, on the other hand, was far less close than the Leipzig 2-1 suggests. “We invested far too little to be able to win such a game,” said Marco Reus. The lack of willingness was not the only thing that annoyed the Dortmund captain, who had achieved the interim and completely surprising equalization.

Coach Marco Rose had relied on a system with three central defenders, who were supported by their own two wingers if they had possession of the ball. This chain of three or five did not fit Reus at all. “With the five-chain we have one man less in the center who can press with us, we can’t get along with that, you have to be clear about that,” said Reus on Sky TV. The Leipzig 1-0 through Christopher Nkunku served as evidence. The goal was preceded by a pass from central defender Josip Gvardiol, who was able to lead the ball first and then play it unrestricted. The Dortmunders standing around made no move in this scene to put pressure on the Leipziger.

Trainer Rose did not want to accept the clear criticism of his captain, he referred to the poor implementation of his specifications. “The basic order is always one thing, the movement in the basic order is always the other, and it wasn’t good today. It’s not a question of the system, we’ve already scored points this season with a back three, the discussion is idle, ”said Rose. At BVB, you are currently making yourself uncomfortable in autumn, like someone who voluntarily opens all the windows after heating. During the week, the loaned Marin Pongracic had badly etched against his actual employer VfL Wolfsburg and also divulged some internal information that was not heard too gladly in Dortmund.


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