Maren Gilzer wants to become mayor

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OberkrämerThere lies this woman: stretched out on a sofa, barefoot, dressed in a very short tiger print dress. This is how Maren Gilzer presents herself on her website. So far, the 61-year-old is semi-known from television, now she wants a political office, wants to become mayor of the Brandenburg municipality of Oberkrämer.

So far, the woman has been reduced to her appearance because she presents herself that way: as a pretty presenter. In the 1980s she became known when she turned the letters on the TV show “Wheel of Fortune”, and in 2015 she made headlines when she won the “Jungle Camp”. So now serious politics.

On Tuesday, the administration checked the records of all seven candidates. “Everything was correct for me too,” she says. “Now I am officially the candidate of the FDP.” She joined the party in 2017. At that time, the party approached her about a petition to preserve Tegel Airport. “I dealt intensively with the party program.”

She is very active locally, is Vice-Head of the FPD in Hennigsdorf and was involved in the federal election campaign. In Brandenburg, however, the party plays a subordinate role and recently failed twice in state elections.

Chance of the outsider

It will not be easy for Maren Gilzer because the incumbent, who is about to retire, is part of a strong electoral initiative that is running again. “I see my chances in the fact that I come from outside and that I am more neutral as a result. And a fresh wind is more likely to blow from outside, ”she says. “Nobody can accuse me of being clumsy.”

If she wins, she wants to greatly reduce the number of TV offers. “Except if it were good for the community.” If she fails in the election, she has a political plan B. “I will get more involved in the state FDP.”

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But now she is first creating a new website for the election campaign, very seriously and seriously: Gilzer without glitter.


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