Margie’s associates did not like Noa Kirl’s advertisement for “Yes”, they will demand that it be removed from the air

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Quarrel between the mythological exes: A new “Yes” commercial aired this weekend starring Noa Kirl and this time it recreates scenes from the company’s successful drama series. What seems less successful is the casting of the Latin singer next to her, Lunai, who is admittedly a young and successful singer but most likely, who is cast mainly because of the resemblance to Jonathan Margie.

“We’re both more or less equal just you and I a little bit in a different genre. And I loved an affair, you did not flow with it, no matter what I choose you are never satisfied,” sang Kirl in an advertisement for someone who looks exactly a duplicate of her ex. Love you, but not suitable now again a movie tired of you and do not want with you another episode. So different and impossible so sorry. what is your name? I’m not the guy she’s talking about. Now we are parting. “

Amusing or ugly bite? Kirl and Margie on better days together, Photo: Eran Levy

Margie’s entourage less connected to the idea and were surprised to discover the move on screen. Margie’s executives are currently refusing to comment officially, but insiders say they intend to contact the company and demand that the advertisement be removed from the air.

Yes refused to comment.

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