Marine Le Pen takes advantage of the debate on pensions to defend her pronatalist policy

Marine Le Pen takes advantage of the debate on pensions to defend her pronatalist policy

Think about your retirement, have children. This is, in essence, the speech that the National Rally (RN) has held since the debate on the reform initiated by Emmanuel Macron opened. For the training of Marine Le Pen, the deficit forecasts do not justify a reform, this could be corrected by straightening the curve of the birth rate and that of productivity gains. “Natality” and “productivity”: the party has been repeating these two words since the beginning of 2023. And for good reason: the pro-natalist policy has been one of the fundamentals of the National Front (former name of the National Rally) since its first presidential campaign, in 1974. It is at the junction of two currents of the far-right party, traditionalist Catholics and identitarians, worried about the ethnic substrate of France.

The main concern of the party is to fight against “migratory submergence” : them “good babies”as “good contributors”are those from “French families”. In 2007, Jean-Marie Le Pen demolished the birth figures of the National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED), affirming that the number of “births of native French children” was insufficient to deal with « la substitution de population ». The RN, however, wants to be more subtle than the rest of the far right, which calls on the French to have children to fight against the so-called “great replacement”, the theory conspiratorial and racist popularized by the writer Renaud Camus. So he is taking advantage of the pension reform to put forward his proposals for French families, as he has already done in the past.

Five amendments

Among the amendments tabled by the RN group on the amending Social Security financing bill, which carries the pension reform, for its examination in committee, five concerned family policy. Takeovers of Marine Le Pen’s presidential program, such as the introduction of a full tax share from the second child or the creation of a zero-rate loan of up to 100,000 euros for the real estate project of a young couple, the capital remaining due being transformed into a donation to the third child. A transfer of a measure applied in Hungary by Viktor Orban, ally of the RN, champion of pronatalist policies in Europe and organizer of a “demography summit” where Marion Maréchal and Eric Zemmour appeared in 2021.

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These amendments were considered “cavalry” by the administrators of the National Assembly, which did not prevent Laure Lavalette, co-rapporteur of the text for her group, from defending her line in the Social Affairs Committee. “We must realize that all the social ambitions of this country are only possible through the birth rate, she assured, Wednesday 1is FEBRUARY. How come we evaded the subject? » The RN hopes to circumvent this inadmissibility and has redeposited the amendments for the debate in public session, which begins Monday, February 6.

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