Marinella, the 107 years of the maison in a film that tells about Naples

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Massimiliano Gallo behind the camera with the screenplay by Francesco Pinto. Aired on Rai and Netflix, with Alessandro in the role of father Maurizio as a young man

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Action. It is 7 am and in Piazza dei Martiri, on a set among the lions, there is a vintage car and a young man wearing an old-time suit. Alessandro Marinella, actor in A showcase overlooking the sea, the documentary film that is currently under construction in Naples dedicated to the Marinella maison.

Massimiliano Gallo, at his first film direction, he stays behind the camera after accepting the challenge of telling a story through images that is not just about fashion. We move through 107 years of activity – he reveals behind the mask and a hat, which protects him from the cold of the early hours of the day – which intertwine with the events of the city. A multifaceted and multifaceted Naples grows and evolves around this adventure of excellence. The idea is that of return an articulated, contemporary and compelling story. The screenplay by Francesco Pinto, historical director of the Rai of Naples, who worked on the archive material, on the stories returned by Maurizio Marinella himself – at the head of the company founded by his grandfather Eugenio – and on the memories that were collected in the maison on the occasion of the celebrations for the centenary. And leafing through the beautiful volume by Maria Cucciniello that Electa created on Marinella which has, in fact, a window in Piazza Vittoria overlooking the sea. Tiny space where all the greats of the earth have passed, ready to be taken by the neck and to discover the intangible secrets of Neapolitan fashion, closely linked to the suggestions arriving from London.

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Naples, shooting of the film on the Marinella maison has started

The docufilm, which will condense 107 years in one hundred minutes, will be broadcast on Rai and Netflix. My grandfather Eugenio inaugurated the shop in Naples in 1914, inspired by English men’s clothing, which at the time was considered a symbol of elegance – says Maurizio Marinella, wandering around the set -. The television story will be a bit like what was done for Luisa Spagnoli. There is a professional story and a human story. My son Alessandro impersonates me as a young man, when I went around in a car crammed with boxes to meet customers up close. And here he is Alessandro, the fourth generation of the family that has linked his name to ties: he enters a cream-colored Fiat 850 wearing a suit with a cut in line with distant times. One take after another: good the first, but ref.

As Oscar Wilde said A well-knotted tie is the first serious step in life and Alessandro Marinella has the task of maintaining high prices for an accessory that has made the family business an emblem of Made in Italy. Presidents of the Republic such as Leone, Pertini and Cossiga, Heads of State such as Bill Clinton and George Bush, famous clients such as Gianni Agnelli, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, King Juan Carlos, Carlo of England, Luchino Visconti, Alberto Moravia, Aristotle Onassis, Daniel Craig in the role of 007 are just some of the admirers of a maison whose contribution to the history of fashion has also been recognized by the MoMA of New York, which has chosen four ties to tell the story of fashion between the 20th and 21st centuries.

March 5, 2021 | 08:23

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