Mario Lattes, in Florence the presentation of the new box set in three volumes

30 March 2022 – 15:05

Published and unpublished writings, a collection commissioned by his wife Caterina Bottari Lattes who will be present at the Academy of Drawing Arts in Florence on Thursday 31 March at 5.30 pm

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The published and unpublished writings of Mario Lattes (1923 – 2001) arrive in Dante’s city. The three-volume box set “Works” by Mario Lattes, published by Olschki – which collects six novels, about fifty poems, more than sixty short stories, numerous essays, articles and reviews and the thesis The Warsaw Ghetto – it will be presented tomorrow (Thursday 31 March) at 5.30 pm at the Academy of Drawing Arts in Florence (Via Orsanmichele, 4). Published in 2021, twenty years after the Turin author’s death, Opere allows us to know for the first time in its effective extension and in its relief the presence of Mario Lattes on the literary scene of the second half of the twentieth century. The box set was commissioned by his wife Caterina Bottari Lattes, who in 2009 created the Bottari Lattes Foundation to carry out initiatives inspired by the cultural legacy of the author and to promote the vast heritage of his works to the general public.

A rto account for the richness of the texts collected in Works by Mario Lattes will be: Caterina Bottari Lattes, president of the Bottari Lattes Foundation; Giovanni Barberi Squarotti and Mariarosa Masoero, coordinators of the edition; Claudio Di Benedetto, former director of the Uffizi Library and professor of librarianship. Cristina Acidini, president of the Academy of Drawing Arts that hosts the event, will greet you. Moderated by Simone Innocenti. Publisher, painter, engraver, writer, collector and cultural animator, Mario Lattes was an intellectual with multiple interests and an eclectic personality, a lucid and nonconformist witness of his time, capable of measuring himself with art, literature, publishing and cultural promotion. He directed the family publishing house bringing innovative elements, inspired by his artistic, creative and open to the world, with the ability to combine entrepreneurship and humanism. Access to the meeting is free, subject to availability, with a reinforced Green Pass and Ffp2 mask.

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30 March 2022 | 15:05

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