Meta CEO (formerly Facebook) Mark Zuckerberg Last night (Wednesday) he hosted a live event on Meta’s Facebook page, in which he revealed a number of innovative developments in the field of artificial intelligence, as part of the company’s focus on the field of meteors. One of the developments announced by the company is a tool called Universal Speech Translator, which will allow one language to be translated in real time – into another language. This is expected to address many languages, and help bridge language barriers around the world. The new tool is part of the long-term effort announced by the company to build language tools and machine learning that will include most languages ​​in the world.

At the same time, the company unveiled a project called CAIRaoke – an innovative artificial intelligence model for conversations with virtual personal assistants. This is expected to make interacting with them much more natural, and will allow them to have personal conversations with context, identify complex nuances, address issues that have arisen in the past, change issues and more.

The company also introduced a new information center with comprehensive explanations of Meta’s artificial intelligence systems. The new tool will help people simply understand how the different models work and explain the different uses for them, such as ranking content in the Instagram feed and more. The company also announced a collaboration with the AI ​​Learning Alliance, which aims to promote diversity among the manpower involved in artificial intelligence. The aim of the partnership is to ensure widespread representation among the various populations involved in machine learning processes, and in particular populations that are not sufficiently represented in the global high-tech industry.

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In addition, an open source library for the developer community was also unveiled during the event on PyTorch, showcasing a variety of AI systems as open source in order to assist in the development of advanced algorithms for recommendation engines.

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