Marlène Schiappa will soon appear on the cover of “Playboy” magazine

Marlène Schiappa will soon appear on the cover of “Playboy” magazine

After Emmanuel Macron’s interview with Pif Gadget, it’s Marlène Schiappa’s turn to surprise us with her way of communicating. The Secretary of State will pose on the cover of the magazine Playboy, to whom she granted a long interview concerning women’s rights. The politician was photographed “dressed”, with a “long white dress”, for the issue of the magazine of charm to be published Thursday, April 6.

The fact that this specific point raises a lot of questions “shows how far the freedom of women to dispose of their bodies as they see fit is not acquired, this is what she claims in the interview. “, added the entourage of the Secretary of State. For the publisher of the publication, Marlène Schiappa is the “most ”Playboy” compatible politician because she is committed to women’s rights and has understood that ”Playboy” is no longer a publication of old machos but could on the contrary be an instrument of the feminist cause ”, declared to AFP Jean-Christophe Fromentin.

A choice that does not delight the executive

« Playboy is no longer a buttocks newspaper like before but a neat and trendy quarterly mook (half-book, half-magazine) of almost 300 pages”, “there are still a few undressed girls but that’s not the main part of pagination,” he said.

According The Parisian, which revealed the information this Friday on its site, “this new publicity stunt is making the government cringe”. The newspaper thus quotes a ministerial adviser exclaiming “Whatever the outfit, it’s lunar. It is not possible ! “, and fearing that this publication will interfere with government communication “in the midst of a social crisis on pensions”.

Very active on social networks and subscribed to television sets, Marlène Schiappa has “always assumed to speak to everyone and to have a disruptive communication”, however affirmed those around her. She is “the only minister capable of answering questions from a magazine like Playboy “, praised the same source.


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