Marquez, sled return and no Qatar: Honda news


Marc Marquez’s return is postponed again. The conditions of the Spanish Honda rider, struggling with the long recovery after the injury and the operation on his right arm, are not yet optimal. Marquez will therefore miss the first two races of the MotoGP season scheduled in Qatar over the next two weekends. The news on the slow recovery process of the Iberian champion comes from Honda.

“Marquez, together with his Hospital Ruber Internacional medical team, considered it prudent not to re-enter the race this weekend in Qatar. In the check carried out on the Spanish rider by the medical team led by doctors Samuel Antuña and Ignacio Roger de Oña, and made up of doctors De Miguel, Ibarzabal and García Villanueva, 15 weeks after surgery for an infected pseudarthrosis of the right humerus, a good clinical response was found after the intensification of his training “, Honda said in a statement.

“However, considering the time period and the current state of the bone consolidation process, the doctors consider it prudent and necessary not to speed up Marquez’s return to the track after such an inactive period, and to avoid putting the humerus at risk in an intense competition. Marquez will undergo another medical check-up on Monday 12 April “, concludes the note.


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