Kottayam: The CPM leader’s son has been accused of cheating on a girl from Kottayam Meenadam. The girl from Meenadam revealed the news of the brutal scam to News 18 Kerala. Sumesh was married to a girl on December 27, 2020. The wedding took place at the Meenadam Trinity Center. He stayed away from the girl for three months after he got married. Later investigations revealed that Sumesh Raveendran was living with another girl in Vadavathur.

Sumesh Raveendran is the son of Kottayam Meenadam local committee member Mary Raveendran. The family came to the scene demanding the intervention of the party after the marriage scam came to light. Then the party leaders came and called both the parties locally and held discussions. Sumesh and his mother Mary replied that they would return the gold jewelery they had bought from the girl. But relatives later told News18 that no action had been taken.

It was in February 2022 that Sumesh’s family became aware of his marriage fraud. The incident started when another girl posted a photo with Sumesh on Facebook. It was discovered by one of the family members. He then met the complainant girl in person and presented the matter. Following this, the girl’s family conducted an investigation and found that Sumesh had taken a house in Vadavathur and was staying with another girl.

When the incident came to light, the girl and her family lodged a complaint first with the Manarkad police and later with the Pampady police. But at first the police were not ready to register a case and conduct an investigation. The family later approached the court and obtained permission to investigate the case. In April, an FIR was registered against Sumesh alleging non-bailable offenses but the police did not take any further action.

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The victim told News18 that there was brutal negligence on the part of the police. Sumesh was called by a former police officer two weeks ago asking where his house was. According to police, Sumesh went home and searched the house. However, the police told the girl that they could not find her at home and could not take any action including arrest.

The girl’s family is suspicious of the police action of not being able to find Sumesh, who shares various political posts on Facebook every day. The girl’s family also revealed that they doubted that party leader Mary’s failure to take further action in the case of the second accused was due to party interference. Local CPM leaders said the party had only intervened to resolve the issue. The leaders said it was not part of the CPM’s pressure for the police not to investigate the case.

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