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The Sidhu-Shreya Mehndi function video that went undercover is now going viral on social media. The marriage, which aired on Colors Tamil TV and ended successfully, was well received among the serial people. Sidhu made his debut on the iconic screen as the protagonist through this series. Shreya played the heroine in that series. It was while starring in this serial that love blossomed between the two of them.

Initially, there were many questions and comments on social media about their love affair. But both of them remained silent about it. Also, they started a separate fan club that was popular among the fans through the wedding serial. Also, the couple’s photos went viral on social media. Only then did the two openly declare their love for the fans.

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There were also reports that the two were in Living Together. Sidhu is currently playing the role of Saravanan in the well-received Raja Rani 2 serial which aired on Vijay TV. Alia Mansa plays the heroine in this serial. Also, when was the Sidhu-Shreya wedding? The Magandi function was held in the presence of close friends and relatives.

All the photos are currently being posted on social media. Seeing this, Sidhu and Shreya’s fans have been posting greetings to them and comments that we are looking forward to seeing your wedding photos. At this point they have posted their Meghanty Function video on their new YouTube channel that launched today.


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