Mars 2020, here is Ingenuity: the first aircraft to fly to another planet

The helicopter-drone attached to the NASA rocket has left for Mars – Ansa /Courier TV

At 13.50 (Italian time) on July 30, the Atlas rocket that will take the Perseverance rover to Mars left Cape Canaveral. The rover in turn carries the Ingenuity helicopter-drone and its arrival in Jezero crater, just above the equator, is scheduled for February 18, 2021. This small 1.8 kg helicopter is set to be the first aircraft to fly over another planet. It is self-driving and will have to orient itself by relying on the position of the Sun. It will rise for 90 seconds up to five meters powered by solar cells. It will fly in the late morning when the sun has warmed it and the temperature around it will be 60 degrees below zero. This engineering gem cost about $ 23 million.



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