Mars and Venus will seem very close – Mars and Venus are getting so close that it will almost seem as if they are touching, despite the fact that they remain very distant from each other. It is a phenomenon called ‘conjunction’ or an alignment so particular that from the Earth, according to NASA, between these celestial bodies there will seem to be space “of a single finger if you extend your hand towards the sky“. Just above there will also be a crescent moon that will increase the charm of the celestial picture.

The two planets will be easy to distinguish from each other because Venus is much brighter than the red planet which should appear in a slightly lower position.

What we will observe is a fairly rare phenomenon: the American agency has announced that the next virtual “contact” so close and clear will take place in 2034.

The planetary conjunctions, in general, are instead phenomena that involve several protagonists and with different frequencies. In 2020 it was the turn of Jupiter and Saturn, for example appear very close to earthly eyes.



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