Mars transit from Pisces to Aries, Mars transit 2022

Jyotibhushanam S Srinivasa Iyer writes about when and how Mars changes zodiac sign for those born in 12 constellations from Medam to Pisces and 27 stars from Ashwati to Revathi.

Astrology: 2022 June 27 (1197 Gemini 13) Mars enters the constellation Medum. It will remain there until August 10 (Cancer 25). Kujan (ku) is also marked in the zodiac sign of Medum in the planetary position of babies born during this period. Mars has the names Kujan, Bhumiputra, Mangalan and Angarakan.

Medam is the temple of Mars. Mars is strong, meaning Medam. As Mars gains strength, so will land sales. People will come for unsold items. Brotherhood will be strengthened. Those who work in the military and police can expect good results. Those associated with Mars – phase, abduction, and rupture – will benefit from being Mars. Those who walk on Tuesday will win the cases. Will be at the forefront of competitions.

Let’s take a look at the effects of the zodiac change on Mars for those born in 12 constellations from Medam to Pisces and 27 stars from Ashwati to Revathi.

To the top

(Ashwati, Bharani, Karthika first quarter) Kujastithi in birth sign is not good. And there is the unfortunate Rahu. Reserve should be taken as much as possible. Avoid jumping. There may be a fall or injury. Position can be achieved. It’s hard to get into trouble in competitions. Not financially favorable to traders. Will head into controversy.

For the parish

(Karthika 2,3,4 feet, Rohini, Makairam first half) Obstruction may occur. The cost is high. That too for unnecessary things. Will have to go farther, at least temporarily. Incompatibility will appear in the marriage. Not a good time for lovers either. Brotherly quarrels may ensue. At the same time, some things that were supposed to be delayed will happen.

To Gemini

(Second millennium, Thiruvathira, Punartham three quarters) As Mars and Rahu become eleven, the yield will double. Employees can expect promotions and pay rises. Whatever comes first will pay off. Politicians will rise to higher positions. Land litigation. Other effects include foreign exchange gains and enemy conquests.

For cancer

(Punartham Nalampadam, Puyam, Ayilyam) There will be some financial gains. The journeys will be successful. Job seekers will get new opportunities. Conflict will increase. Concerns about children may arise. The health status of inpatients is unlikely to change significantly. Expatriates who want to come home can get permission for it.


(Makam, Pooram, Uthram Kal) There may be some minor changes. It is possible to make pilgrimages to distant lands. Will succeed in speculation. Disputes over patrimonial property may arise. Headaches may be bothersome. Care should be taken in the health of the mother.

For the first time

(Answer 2,3,4 feet, Atham, Chithira first half) Kujan is in Ashtam. The apocalypse is about to continue. Vehicle, fire and machinery should be used with care. Brothers and sisters can quarrel. Any fears may disturb the mind. It is not possible to say that the revenue will increase. There is pride.


(Picture 3,4 feet, Choti, Visakha three quarters) Mars is in the seventh sign. Love and marriage can be turbulent. There may be stonewalling in the stock market. But financially it is a good time. The refund will be partial. The goal may not be achieved with long journeys. Will win matches. Decreased sleep. Have nightmares. Enemies can be defeated with strong words and firm stances.


(Visakham Fourth Foot, Anizham, Thrikketta) The sin planets Mars and Rahu are in the favorite six. Enemy victory can be assured. Students will make great strides in higher education. Debt will be reduced significantly. Money can be expected through detours. The overall health situation will be satisfactory. There will be gains in employment.

For Sagittarius

(Moolam, Puradam, Utradam first quarter) The things decided will be implemented. Overcome obstacles. Diseases can be distressing. His stubbornness will invite the dissatisfaction of family members. Extreme care is required in the case of children. You will have to spend energy and time to defend against enemies.


(Utradam 2,3,4 feet, Thiruvonam, then the first two feet) Housing construction can drag on. Authorities may intervene to raise legal issues. The mother or the natives will suffer. It also leads to kinship. Extreme caution should be exercised when using the vehicle. Do not do anything except deliberately.

To the scoundrel

(Second half there, Chatayam, Puruttathi three quarters) A lot of gains will come. Respect abounds at home and abroad. The lost serenity will be regained. Confidence will increase. There will be promotions or pay rises. Financial gains can be expected. Health will not be bad.

For fish

(Puruttathi fourth quarter, Uthrattathi, Revathi) Rough words will invite the anger of others. Will earn the displeasure of those in high places. There will be no financial gains. I have to say that time is not favorable for lovers. There are many barriers to continuing education. Do not fail health checks.


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