All mustard lovers make the sad observation. For several weeks, the product has been missing from supermarket shelves. The reason ? A shortage of mustard seed linked to the drought that hit Canada last year, France’s leading supplier country.

One brand, however, is resisting, Martin-Pouret, a 100% Made in Loiret mustard, which remains the only one present in the deserted shelves. “Our DNA is 100% French supplies”, welcomes the boss of this company based in Fleury-les-Aubrais, best known for its artisanal vinegar, the only and last one to be made in Orléans. “And this is the case for mustard, the seed of which is supplied to us by a local producer”. A quality that has a cost, the kilo of Martin-Pouret mustard being sold almost four times more expensive than that of traditional brands.

The company signed a three-year contract with a producer from Pithiverais, Benoît Morisseau. “The first year, it was complicated. But since then, we have acquired the necessary know-how,” explains the farmer who started growing mustard in 2015.

Result: Martin-Pouret has stocks, while its competitors, although much bigger, find themselves deprived. Thanks to this strategy, the company has doubled its sales in the past two months. “We even limit the quantities for certain brands that believe that we can produce as much as Unilever,” he smiles, referring to the manufacturer of Amora-Maille.

This year, Martin-Pouret has decided to double the production areas to meet demand. The harvest will be available at the end of the summer, while the Canadian seed, in the best case, will not arrive until the fall. The shortage is therefore far from over.

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