Martin, released on injury in “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire”: “I had fasted before starting the adventure”

Martin, released on injury in “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire”: “I had fasted before starting the adventure”

From the first episode of “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire”, we saw him go far in the adventure. The Swiss Martin, a former trader turned cheese maker, who celebrated his 31st birthday since filming, was, in particular, remarkable on the various games, in water or on land.

In the episode of the TF 1 game broadcast this Tuesday, March 28, he twisted his ankle in the middle of the comfort test, which he wanted to complete. It was only two days later that the sentence fell: the doctor decided that this injury did not allow him to continue. Martin therefore left the island on the 18th day of this edition.

Was this your first application for “Koh-Lanta”?

MARTIN. Yes ! My wife didn’t want me to participate. By dint of talking to her about it, she said to me: “You are going to register once. If you’re taken, you leave, but if you’re not taken, you never register again. It was perfect, it gave me the opportunity to give it a try at least once, and it worked.

Did you prepare specifically for this adventure?

No more than that, I was mainly prepared on balance. And I tried to anticipate hunger. I kept my stomach to a minimum by fasting for almost two weeks before leaving. If I had to do it again, I think I would. Because, despite everything, it was not the hunger that was the most difficult on the spot, but the humidity. The rainy nights, I found them horrible to live.

At the time of the reorganization of the teams, you found yourself among the yellows, in the minority with the other ex-reds, Christine and Julie. What state of mind were you in at that time?

We had three defeats to our credit with the reds, and I’m a very competitive person, I hate losing. So, on the one hand, I said to myself that this recomposition was going to reshuffle the cards, which could make it possible to regain events. But, on the other hand, doing the math, I quickly realized that we were three ex-reds with five ex-yellows, at home, and that if we lost, we were dead with Julie and Christine. This is one of the reasons why I put myself at 200% to win the tests and especially not to go to the council.

You have indeed performed very well in the tests. Did it help you to feel integrated in the yellows?

No never. At no time did I feel integrated into this team. But it was my best revenge to be able to show them what I was capable of in the events, and above all not to give them the possibility of putting strategies in place to turn us on.

When did you realize that “Koh-Lanta” was over for you?

When Denis Brogniart announced it. Right after the comfort game I had seen the doctor, my ankle was swollen but had to wait for it to cool down. The next day, I do not participate in the individual test, on medical decision. Deep down, I’m starting to think it stinks for the rest of my adventure. That’s why I collapsed, not really because I can’t do the test. The next day again, I still don’t know what to expect, I’m going to see the doctor again before the immunity game. He makes me do two or three tests that I can’t do, but he says to me: “See you on the test”. There, it’s Denis telling me that I can’t continue, when I didn’t know it, even if I expected it.

How was your return to Switzerland?

At first, I especially wanted my ankle to get better, I found my loved ones, it did me good. I took a week before starting to work again. Then little by little, we come to our senses, we think about it more and more, I thought it was really stupid this way of going out, but that’s how it is. I’m sure I still had some under my feet, I could still have won races.

How much weight have you lost?

Nine kilos, in addition to the three that I had lost before leaving.

If you are called back one day, would you go back to “Koh-Lanta”, or would your wife stop you?

If they offer it to me, I’ll leave tomorrow. Because I have this feeling of incompleteness, which my wife shares. In fact, I don’t know if it’s her or me who is more sad about the way I got out. It really hurts her heart because she sees the adventure I’ve had, she sees that I had a blast, she would have loved to see me go further. But I don’t assume at all that the production will call me back. I’d rather have a nice surprise than wait my whole life.


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