Martín Scuncio was reunited with the victory in La Rioja

Martín Scuncio was reunited with the victory in La Rioja

2023-06-04 22:26:44

A year and four months had to pass before the driver from Bahía, Martín Scuncio, navigated by Javiera Román (Skoda Fabia) from the Chilean team Point Cola, returned to celebrate a victory in the Argentine Rally. He did it in La Rioja, for the fourth date of the Argentine Championship, and continues as the leader in the RC2 division.

After a Saturday stage where he set the course for his rivals, the Sunday finish, despite the arrival of rain and the consequent change experienced by the roads, did not intimidate the leader of the tournament who won without discussion, putting a difference of 18s4/ 10 over Miguel Baldoni (Skoda) from San Luis and 1m18s4/10 over Alejandro Cancio (Skoda) from Neuquén, who suffered a rubber break at the end and lost contact with the lead, to be third overall.

The final stage showed variations, with the retirement of Federico Villagra (Hyundai) in the final Power Stage and the delay of Gastón Pastón (Skoda) due to a broken tire.

The La Rioja Rally, by category

Among the RC Maxi Rally, a solid job by Hernán Kim-Marcos Bazán (VW) allowed him to score his second consecutive victory by beating Nadia Cutro (Toyota Yaris) from Entre Ríos by 8s1/10, who after adding his fourth podium of the season remains firm at the top of the contest. César Folledo (VW) completed the podium.

For its part, among the RC3 Juniors, it was a victory for the local driver Antonio Tallón together with Yamil Menen (Ford Fiesta), who postponed Lucas Machado and Ricardo Collado.

The brothers Martín and Federico Maisonnave (Peugeot 208), after capturing an interesting advantage in the Saturday start of the RC4 Class, had no major problems to take the victory with 55s3/10 over Luigi Contín (Renault). The podium was completed by Damián Ibarra (Peugeot) from Cordoba.

Finally, in the RC5 division, the fight for victory was between Cordoba. Fernando Daparte and the young Pablo Alesandrini from Minaclavera, who due to two punctures left the win in the hands of Daparte, ahead of Carlos Vitale (Ford Fiesta) and Ignacio Piozzini. Alesandrini was fourth.

The next chapter of the Argentine Rally will be in Catamarca, from the 23rd to the 25th of this month.

General classification of the Rally of La Rioja

  1. Martin Scuncio-Roman (Sikoda Fabia) 1h14m04s9/1
  2. Miguel Baldoni-Franchello (Skioda Fabia) at 18s4/10
  3. Alejandro Cancio-Cagnotti (Skoda Fabia) at 1m18s4/10
  4. Nicolás Díaz-Allende (Skoda Fabia) at 1m20s
  5. Juan Carlos Alonso-Monasterolo (Skoda Fabia) a 3m51s2/10
  6. Gastón Pasten-Ramos (Skoda Fabia) at 4m03s9/10
  7. Sebastián Halpern-R.García (Citroën C3) at 4m07s
  8. Hernán Kim-Bazán (VW) is 7m16s6/10
  9. Nadia Cutro-Bombaci (Toyota Yaris) at 7m24s7/10
  10. César Folledo-V. Folledo (VW) a 7m31s7/10
Pechito Lopez rehearsal Le Mans

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