marylebone-cricket-club-has-made-few-changes-cricket-laws-mankading-no-longer-unfair | Drastic change in cricket rules; ‘Mankading’ is no longer a bad thing


London: The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in England has made significant changes to the rules of cricket relating to mancoding, strike strike rotation, wide ball, substitute, and ball spitting. The new changes are proposed by the MCC Legal Committee, which has the power to revise cricket rules. These rules will come into force after October this year. The changes proposed by the MCC sub-committee were approved by the main committee meeting last week.

Marleybone Cricket Club is the owner of London’s Lord’s Cricket Stadium, also known as the Mecca of Cricket, and the most active cricket club in the world. The MCC, formed in 1787, has the final say in all the laws relating to cricket.

Mankading is the practice of completing the bowling action after the bowler has run out and running out if the non-striker leaves the crease before releasing the ball. Mankading is generally regarded as an act of decency in cricket known as the game of gentlemen. But now the MCC has made significant amendments to this law. Mankading, which was part of Rule 41 which is not fair, has now been changed to Rule 38, which deals with runouts. That means dismissing the batsman through mancoding is no longer a bad thing, instead it will come within the scope of a runout.


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