Masaccio returns home, the dialogue with Beato Angelico in San Giovanni Valdarno

September 16, 2022 – 18:32

The exhibition from tomorrow to January 15 in the city that gave him his birth: a dialogue on the truth of painting

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A new exhibition pays tribute to Masaccio (1401-1428) in the city that gave him his birth, San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo), in dialogue with another protagonist of the Renaissance, Beato Angelico (c. 1395-1455). “Masaccio and Angelico. Dialogue on truth in painting “, set up from tomorrow to January 15 at the Museum of the New Lands and at the Museum of the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

The exhibition, it is explained, an ideal continuation of the current exhibition in Reggello (Florence) until 23 October, “Masaccio and the Masters of Renaissance Art in comparison to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the San Giovenale Triptych”, inside the Terre degli Uffizi, a project by the Uffizi Galleries and the Cr Firenze Foundation. The new exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of San Giovanni Valdarno, curated by Michela Martini, Daniela Parenti, Carl Brandon Strehlke and Valentina Zucchi, presents a selection of works that allow you to explore the innovations that Masaccio and Angelico have offered to the history of art , placing them in relation with other artists close to them and enhancing their link with the city and with the territory. In particular at the Museo delle Terre Nuove on display a selection of works centered on the figure of Masaccio, linked to the iconography of the Madonna and Child: two from the Uffizi, the so-called Madonna Casini, and the Madonna dell’Umilt by Masolino compared with the work of Masaccio’s brother, Giovanni di ser Giovanni, known as Lo Scheggia, as well as the Madonna and Child from the Workshop of Lorenzo Ghiberti. The section in the Basilica Museum is dedicated to Angelico: the Annunciation by the painter friar, a masterpiece of the museum, compared with the Tabernacle of San Marco, a reliquary from Santa Maria Novella and commissioned to the painter by the Dominican and sacristan Giovanni Masi, on loan from the Museum of San Marco in Florence. The preparatory drawing from the Drawings and Prints Cabinet of the Uffizi Galleries which shows the penitent St. Jerome is also by the painter friar.

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September 16, 2022 | 18:32

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