«Masantonio – Disappeared section», Alessandro Preziosi is the detective protagonist of the new Mediaset procedural

“Masantonio – Disappeared Section”, Alessandro Preziosi is the detective protagonist of the new procedural Mediaset- Corriere.it

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  • Friday 25 June, in prime time on Canale 5, the new series Masantonio – Disappeared section starring Alessandro Preziosi (in the photo with Bebo Storti) kicks off. Created by Valerio Cilio and Gianluca Leoncini, the series produced by Cattleya directed by Fabio Molo and Enrico Rosati. The cast of the fiction also includes Claudia Pandolfi, Davide Iacopini, Bebo Storti, Camilla Semino Favro, Valentina Badaracco and Antonio Ornano

  • The new Mediaset procedural in 10 episodes tells the story of Elio Masantonio (Alessandro Preziosi, photo), an investigator with a mysterious past and an equally mysterious qualification, who is put by the Prefect of Genoa Attilio De Pr (Bebo Storti) at the helm of a small task force to solve missing persons cases

  • Masantonio, despite being a lone wolf, cynical and grumpy, possesses an extraordinary talent: the ability to enter the lives of the disappeared until they adhere to his own, thus being able to reconstruct their identities and their stories, in order to have greater possibilities. to find them (in the photo Preziosi with Davide Iacopini)

  • To support him in his investigations, Masantonio will have Sandro Riva (Davide Iacopini, photo), a young and willing policeman, who at first will find it hard to relate to him and his methods that are not at all orthodox, but who will soon prove to be the partner perfect

  • Case after case, life after life, disappeared after disappeared, Masantonio will end up having to deal with himself and we will force him to re-tie the threads of a past with which he still has to close several accounts. One with Valeria (Claudia Pandolfi, fot), neighbor and keeper of an ancient friendship, witness of what Masantonio hides from others, with whom there is still something unsolved

  • The filming of Masantonio – Disappeared Section took place between Rome and Genoa which, thanks to the support of the Genoa-Liguria Film Commission, told through very suggestive locations, ranging from the historic center to the eastern part of the city, with some passages inland


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