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Harriet Robson, the girlfriend of Manchester United’s English young star Mason Greenwood, has made serious allegations against him. Harriet Greenwood has taken to Instagram to post photos and videos of herself bleeding to death after allegations that she had physically assaulted Greenwood. They have also released audio clips alleging that the actor had an obscene year.

Greenwood were suspended by Premier League club Manchester United shortly after the allegations surfaced. The 20-year-old was later arrested by police.

Harriet has released a video of herself bleeding from her injuries as a result of Greenwood’s torture, as well as pictures of scars from various parts of her body. Harriet shared pictures and video of the star’s atrocities on her Instagram story with the caption ‘For those who want to know what Mason Greenwood is doing to me’.

The star’s club, Manchester United, has come out in response after the pictures and video were widely circulated on social media. A Manchester United spokesman said the club would not tolerate any form of violence or harassment. He added that there would be no further reaction until the true nature of the incident is revealed. However, it was not too long before United Management announced that they had fired Greenwood until further notice.

The player, who grew up through Manchester United’s academy, made his debut for United in 2019 in a senior team jersey. He has played 129 games for United so far, scoring 35 goals. He has six goals and two assists in the 24 games he has played so far this season. England have been on the field once for the national team.

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