Masons the best lovers, call center workers the worst: the ranking of the survey

In the UK, based on a survey of 2,000 people, bricklayers are the best lovers while the worst, the workers in call centers.

Right after the bricklayers, the best lovers in bed are the real estate agents, followed by doctors and nurses, lawyers, engineers and teachers. The worst, along with call center workers, are charities, consultants, HR staff, waiters, and chefs.

Because bricklayers are the best lovers

Nurse Kelly Ward, 32, has been in a ten-year relationship with construction worker Trish Bhart, 34, and has no doubts about the results of the survey conducted by sleep experts The Dozy Owl.

Kelly, of Leicester, said: “If he had been sitting at a desk all day it wouldn’t have been the same. Work keeps him fit and healthy, and that’s what every woman wants ”.

Britain’s best lovers were advertisers, real estate agents (61%), doctors and nurses (59%), lawyers (58%), engineers (54%), teachers (51%), artists (45%) and taxi drivers (43%).

At the other extreme, the professions to which the “worst” in bed belong – and obtained the lowest scores – call center workers (13%), charities (14%), consultants (19%) employees of the personnel department (24%), waiters and chefs (28%).


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