“Thoughts and prayers are not enough. After years of nothing else, we are becoming a nation of cries of anguish. We simply need legislators willing to stop the scourge of gun violence in America that is killing our children”, the former Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State wrote on Twitter this afternoon. Hillary Clinton.

Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old identified as the aggressor, lived in Uvalde and had attended Uvalde High School, Gov. Greg Abbott said.

In addition, he pointed out that there is information indicating that the teenager had shot his grandmother just before leaving for school.

The shooting occurred days before the National Rifle Association (NRA) annual convention began in Houston, Texas.

The governor Abbott and the two US senators from Texas, a conservative state, were among the scheduled speakers at a leadership forum on Friday sponsored by the NRA’s lobbying arm.

The texas shooting sneaked into a session in the Senate, in Washington, with an emotional speech by the Democratic legislator Chris Murphy, of Connecticut, in a call to action to prevent mass shootings in the United States. It was in his state that the worst school massacre took place: in 2012, a former student killed 20 children at school Sandy Hook en Newtown.

“This only happens in this country and nowhere else. Nowhere else do young children go to school thinking they might get shot that day”, he said, after sending a strong message to his colleagues: “What are we doing?!”.

90% of students at Robb Elementary School are Hispanic, according to school district files, cited by The New York Times. The bloodiest attack on a primary school went to the school Sandy Hookin Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012. There an attacker, a 20-year-old who had attended that institution in his childhood, killed 20 children.

The fatal victims were 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders and one of their teachers from Robb Elementary School, according to Uvalde Police Chief Pete Arredondo. The attacker acted alone and started shooting at around 11:30 today (local time), the penultimate day of school before summer break.

The president of United States, Joe Goodwas briefed on the shooting in Texas and will speak tonight about it when I return to the presidential residence, the new White House press secretary announced on Twitter, Karine Jean-Pierre.

“President Biden has been briefed on the terrible news of the Texas elementary school shooting and will continue to receive updates regularly as information becomes available,” he tweeted, while stating that “his prayers are with the families affected by this dreadful event.”

President Biden will speak at 8:15 p.m. (10:15 p.m. in Argentina), White House officials said. President is scheduled to return from his tour of Asia at 19.

Uvalde Memorial Hospital had previously said it received 13 children who were transferred by ambulance or bus, and another hospital reported that a 66-year-old woman was in critical condition.

It was not immediately clear how many people were injured in the shooting.

In a brief press conference, police authorities indicated that The suspect, identified as Salvador Ramos, he acted alone when he shot and killed 14 children and a teacher. The 18-year-old also died, shot by police.

“At this point, the investigation is leading us to tell us that the suspect acted alone during this heinous crimesaid Pete Arredondo, police chief for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District.

Authorities are expected to deliver another update later tonight.

Today’s is the deadliest mass shooting in the United States so far this year.

The Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization, recorded at least 215 mass shootings (in which four or more people are killed or injured) from January 1 to mid-May. Of those shootings, nine involved four or more deaths.

The group recorded 693 mass shootings last year, with 28 involving four or more deaths.

The governor Greg Abbott confirmed that the attacker, identified as the teenager Salvador Ramoshad also “passed away”. “Responding officers are believed to have killed him,” said.

Abbott mentioned that the assailant, of 18 years, got out of his car and entered the school with a pistol and possibly a rifle.

Salvador Ramos, the Texas shooter

Fifteen people, 14 children and a teacher, died in the Texas elementary school shooting, reported the state’s governor, Republican Greg Abbott. The assailant also died at the scene, shot by the police.

The attacker “shot and killed, in a horrible and incomprehensible way, 14 students and killed a teacher”, Abbott said at a news conference.

The Robb Elementary Schoolin Uvalde – about 135 kilometers west of San Antonio – has just under 600 students enrolled.

Uvalde has about 16,000 residents and is the seat of government for Uvalde County. The city is about 120 kilometers from the border with Mexico. Robb Elementary School is located in a mostly residential neighborhood of modest homes.

Ten days ago, A man armed with an assault-style weapon killed 10 people and wounded three others at a Tops supermarket in a predominantly black area of ​​Buffalo, authorities said.

The suspect, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, is white and the 10 people who died were all black. Before the attack, Gendron had posted online a racist tirade nearly 200 pages. He pleaded not guilty.

“What happened here is simple and straightforward: terrorism. Terrorism. domestic terrorism”, said the president Joe Biden when visiting that New York City.

Agencies AFP, AP, Reuters and The New York Times

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